Andrea Szakál

She was born in Budapest, 1980. Graduated as Master of Architecture and Teacher of Visual Arts at Moholy Nagy University of Art and Design, later as a Stage Designer at DAMU, Prague. During her years in Prague she worked in numerous movies and theatre productions as stage and costume designer, art director and stage constructor however, later her attention turned to site-specific theatre and art. Since 2011 she lives in Budapest and works as an architect at BLOKK. Occasionally she works at international feature film productions and theatres in Hungary and abroad. In her works she employs her experiences at all of the numerous fields she has worked in before. Her vision is creating a new kind of architecture based on a new urban architectural and landscape design model – Adaptive Reuse. She proposes the application of a vivid blend of applied sociology, site-specific art, event management and the adoption of the specific style of each city’s unique urban heritage. Her concept is to connect sites believed to be hopeless to more developed areas and breathe new life in them with creative ideas, art, design and create businesswise successful, prosperous properties.