BLOKK Architect Studio

BLOKK Architect Studio has been established in 2010 as an association of architects and interior designers. We endeavour to work closely with Applied Arts and Design professionals as well as select Art groups since this enables us to keep an open-minded approach and adaptability necessary to fully appreciate our various projects. BLOKK Architect Studio aims to create architecture that meets today’s standards and needs, that speaks to a changing world as well as to answer social challenges with architectural means. Our work primarily consists of architectural, interior and furniture design. However, we believe in taking active part in further education. Therefore, we make it a point to take organizational and directional role in numerous cutting-edge events and workshops where our goal is to provide students with an opportunity to gain hands-on experience as well as to build communities and strengthen cultural and social ties. For the same reason our members hold teaching roles as professors of architecture at prestigious Moholy Nagy University of Arts and Design. The members of BLOKK Architect Studio are young, enthusiastic professionals with many years of experience both in Hungary and abroad. We maintain tight and well-established collaboration with our industrial partners ensuring effectiveness and reliability.